06 February 2012

Photo Drop: London Snow

It snowed in London! It's really exciting because from what I've been told it doesn't snow so much in London. It usually snows a lot further north in the UK and Scotland, but not so much here. Me being a 'Southern Belle' (I use that term loosely.) I've never really played in snow. I've seen snow on the ground, but I've never played in fresh snow while it was snowing. It was terrific fun and I wanted to share some photos with you all. Enjoy!

eating snowflakes 
Courtfield looks so magical in the snow!
The Tardis in the snow
This one makes me think of Narnia. 
We built snowmen on the truck of someone's car.
beautiful effect from my flash on the falling snow
I hope you all had a magnificent weekend! I've got to get back to my school work now. Have a great week and be kind to yourselves! ♥monica