About Me

Aloha, Monica here and a little about myself. I'm a young lady that grew up in Georgia and am now living and studying in London to earn my MA in Art History and Visual Culture. I'm the luckiest person in the world because I have a wonderful family, a lovable dog named Ayn and a slew of beautiful friends.

I listen to music obsessively and have a constant stream of tattoo ideas that will most likely never come to fruition. I'm pretty boss at baking and then sharing what I make and I enjoy drinking coffee and tea, watching classy older movies, poignant Wes Anderson-esque films or Star Wars. Lately I've found myself becoming increasingly more girly snatching up cute dresses when places like ModCloth have a good sale on and thrifting little kitchen nick-nacks. I'm an aspiring photographer and a Redditor. Bike rides with dear friends, running, walking around without a destination, hiking, doing cartwheels and give big hugs to friends make me the happiest. My personal sense of wonder stems from learning about the universe or having good conversations with my lovely friends. I am a recently realized hopeless romantic, amateur at living, INFP and student of life. A poet's heart with a child's words reside within me and all I am is a part of the universe realizing itself.