06 June 2012

Instagram: playing catch up

I haven't posted for months and months, so I thought that a little was better than nothing. Here's a little game of catch up via my iphone and instagram. Hope you enjoy!
Venice 2011
Trevi Fountain in Rome 2011

One night my date took me to see a real Banksy.
Paris 2011
Inside the TARDIS at the Doctor Who Experience. 
Dead to Me in Camden Town
I've become a lover of a good flat white.
And a lover of Marmite...I've gone native.

I've been taking lots of walks. (Parkland Walk)
Amazing street art in Valencia, Spain. 2011

I went back to red and blonde.
Lots of walks and adventures in the country.

I started interning for Standon Calling. 
And I found my dream car. 
I hope that your year has been equally full of joy and wonder. 
Best! ♥monica 

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