22 October 2011

Buon Viaggio!

I've been a terrible blogger this month and for that I've very sorry. I'm going to try and do better in November. This past month just really got away on me. School papers and presentations where due and I was have a lot of trouble with homesickness. I found myself moping in my flat for weeks at a time, when my time would have been better spent reading and writing. My days where spent much like this: wake up, go to class, get a coffee, wander around Kensington or catch the tube out to Camden Town, SoHo or Piccadilly Square and wander around there, coming home around 7 or so, then I would reddit my little brains out or otherwise waste time and not read which is very important in grad school. Since I was so miserable I couldn't work up enough give-a-shit to blog, much less act like everything was sunshine and rainbows. Because honestly, who wants to read a depressing blog? No one! And I don't want to make everyone back home worry about me, just not my style.

I'm hoping that I've learned something about myself and I can better deal with homesickness and come back from fall "reading" week and really focus on school. I'm headed to Italy for reading week.(I think the name 'reading week' is wishful thinking. I might get some reading done, but I'm going to be in Italy. Which means my focus will be everywhere but school.) The first three days I'll be in Venice with most of the people in my MA program and one of our professors, Charlotte, then after we're done at La Biennale, Kate, Katie and I are off to see some more of Italy. Since we'll already be there, so we decided to see Rome and the Vatican City, Pompeii and Naples. Then at the end of the week we fly back to London. We're taking trains through Italy, which should be a great way to see the country side. I'm so excited! I've got my camera packed and my iphone too, so there will be pictures. I'll try not to delay sharing them as much as possible. 

Have an incredible week and be kind to yourselves. ♥monica 

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  1. So glad to hear you're finding ways of dealing with the homesickness!! I'm certain a beautiful week in Italy can cure any of that. :)

    Love you sweet girl! I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures when you come home for Xmas. I'll want lots and lots of pictures too!!

    <3 BEL


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