05 November 2011

Photo Drop: Italy

I'm too busy these days, but I want to get you all up to speed on  my adventures.
Last week was reading week, essentially spring break in fall, so it goes without saying that there was not much reading done. I do however have a mass of photos to share, so without much further ado
....Italy Pictures!
Venice: How perfectly Italian!


Venice Biennial 

Great Britain's Pavilion at the Biennial

Biennial- I forget which pavilion. 

The Colosseum 

The Colosseum

The Pantheon 

Trevi Fountain- Yes, I did make a wish. 

Rome at Night

Self Timed and Auto-Focused- This is what I got.
Haha, brilliant photobomb!
The School of Athens: Raphael

No Pictures in the Sistine Chapel?! Ha! I didn't have my flash on,
so no harm was done to the fresco. 

St Peter's Basilica 

Mt Vesuvius and a derpy jumping picture of me in Pompeii.
I hope you all enjoyed my pictures. The trip was incredible and exhausting. I'll try and go through and post my iphone pictures sometime soon. I don't always have my Canon on me, so I don't get nice pictures of everything. I do,  however, always have my iphone so I always have picture from it and the pictures are surprisingly good. I hope you all have an incredible weekend. I'm off to do some school work and reading before Bondfire Night and the fireworks. It is the 5th of November and I am in London, so I'm going to do this properly tonight. : )
Be kind to yourselves. ♥monica 

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