18 January 2012

An Open Thank-You Letter

Dear All,

As a part of the proverbial "we" I've noticed that we do not say thank-you often enough or sorry, but I'll see to that on a later date. I'm writing this to so that I know that I have said thank-you thoroughly to as many people as possible. Our society does say thank-you, but it strikes me as a force of habit, rather than something felt. Entirely lacking in resonance. It troubles me that such a important and sincere phrase has become disingenuous and I'm here to make a very heartfelt declaration of my appreciation. I suppose it may strike some as odd that I care so deeply for manners, considering how crass I can be, but I value people and the relationships we share and our interconnectedness.

My memory is particularly odd. I can't remember the names of people I just met, I've gone entire semesters in high-school and my undergrad only to discover that I don't know my professor's name, but I remember the tiniest things that any of you have ever done for me. Chances are you might not, but I do and when I reflect on the kindness and love that I have received from all of you I feel like the luckiest person alive. Somehow I have been fortunate enough to be graced with a set of beautiful family and friends that are supportive, kind, encouraging, generous, tremendously talented in so many ways, funny, brilliant, helpful, passionate and compassionate, great to get into trouble with, have their own lives and problems that I can listen and offer help for and manage to keep me within the range of sanity most of the time. 

I'm flying back to London tomorrow night and after being away and coming back to such an incredible group it's going to be far more difficult to say good-bye this time. Last time I was so enthused to get away from my hometown that I couldn't truly appreciate how wonderful it is, when you have such family and friends. I love you all and will miss you dearly. If you would like a postcard please email me your address or contact me

Stay excellent and be kind to yourselves. ♥monica 

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  1. You're such an amazing person, Monica! We are all so lucky to have you in our lives. I'm so glad we got to have some fun while you were back home! Thank you for everything, for every time, for every minute. You are truly one of my closest and most dear of friends.


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