02 June 2011

how the time flies

It's hard to believe that it's already June! I mean, wow! It feels like just yesterday I was graduating from Valdosta State and it's hard to comprehend that I will be leaving the country so soon. I just got my deposits squared away this morning, really my pops did, but those are just details and all I now have left to take care of is my visa application. I was warned by Dr Wallis, the head of the Art History Dept, that they are very tricky, so wish me luck! 
Isn't it beautiful!

Every time I google London or try to read up on it, it can be so overwhelming. It is a massive international center and there is so much going on. I am starting to realize just how accustomed I am to small town life and how culturally-shocking the move will be. I don't really know how to acclimate myself before hand, so I guess I'm just going head first. 

For the time being though I'm just living my summer up as best as I can, hanging out late at night with friends and watching too much Doctor Who during the day. Yesterday my dear friend, Katelyn, and I found a pool in town, so we snuck in and relaxed the day away talking, reading, eating grapes and blueberries, swimming and blowing bubbles. After we were tired and it started getting late we stopped into La Jalisco Supermercado. La Jalisco is an authentic hispanic grocery store and I was beyond excited. They have a little restaurant along with a bakery and rows of food, produce and sodas that you can't just find anywhere. If I get a job before I leave I intend to use the money to go back and gorge myself on mexican food. I must say it was a day well spent.
Katelyn blowing bubbles in the pool. (forgive my lack of photoshop,  it's on my list)

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