29 June 2011

Mix Tape

When I was a senior in high school my student teacher, Mr Floyd, made me a cd and it is to this day the greatest I have ever been given. I recently discovered the track list and I'm going to share it with you all now. 
(I know it isn't a mix 'tape'....but I grew up make mix tapes off of the radio, so I'm stick with the name.) 

Everything in its right place: Radiohead

Somewhere only we know: Keane

Let Go: Frou Frou

Green grass of tunnel: MĂșm

Such great heights: Iron and Wine

How to be dead: Snow Patrol

Neighbourhood 1(tunnels): Arcade Fire

Against all odds: The Postal Service

Song for the dumped: Ben Folds 5 
(Mr Floyd forgot that this song had swearing in it and told me not to let anyone know. I guess he could have gotten in trouble!)

Way down now: World Party

Song for dustmites: Steve Burns

Satan gave me a taco: Beck

Billy liar: The Decemberists

Stars of track and field: Belle and Sebastian

Yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1: The Flaming Lips 
(It makes me sad that I could get the official music video to post, because I really love it.) 

Anthems for a 17 year old girl: Broken Social Scene

All of that is so nostalgic for me! This might not be the "mix tape" I would make today, but its still really great. I've never made the greatest mixes because I have trouble picking just one song by a musician and I usually end up including more than one and to me that makes the whole mix just feel off if the same musician is featured twice. I hope you are all have a magnificent wednesday. -monica


  1. Floyd has great taste :)

  2. Seriously great taste!

    I'll still have to make us a traveling Mixtape sometime. I'm getting better at it! :)



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