14 June 2011

Inspiration: Lady Gaga aka Mother Monster

I love Lady Gaga. I love everything about her. She is consistently inspiring and has brought so much hope and happiness to popular culture that has been missing in a sea of ennui and self-loathing. She has made a global message that is it ok to be yourself, even if you're a weirdo-freak-a-zoid-monster. You have a place to belong and someone to take up for you. 

This message really resonated with me because I've never fit 100% into any mold. Growing up I got into punk rock because it supplied me with a forceful sense of self, but it came with its own limitations and as I have gotten older I have realized that we are all these incredible amalgamates of our experiences, never just one thing or one clique and in trying to limit ourselves to that we are injuring ourselves. I can't say that Lady Gaga inspired these ideas in me rather, she gave strength to a weak flame that I had nearly extinguished by trying to only be one part of myself

Her music is well crafted and all of the interviews I have read or seen show that she is serious about her craft and knows exactly what she is doing. She is an artist, not just a pop icon or a musician. People can argue against her all they want and that is their prerogative and I'm not going to try and stop them, because it doesn't matter. I love her and so do millions of other Little Monsters.

Thank-You Lady Gaga, for letting us all know that we aren't alone. I'm glad to have your records tucked in with my Hot Water Music, Sigur Ros, Have Heart, Bouncing Souls, Dead to Me and AFI albums. I don't have to sacrifice any part of myself for the rest any more -little monster monica

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