14 July 2011

Inspiration: Harry Potter

I'm so so so excited to go to the midnight showing of the final Harry Potter installation tonight. I remember when I first started reading the books. I found the Chamber of Secrets in the library in the 6th grade and when I checked it out I was told that there was a book that came before it, so the librarian found the Sorcerers Stone for me and I checked them both out and just fell in love with them. 
The Sorcerer's Stone
 I remember going to read the 3rd and then the long wait for the fourth and every time I read a book I could relate so well with the characters in their personal struggles, certainly not their literal challenges seeing as how I'm not a witch or wizard. (I guess Dumbledore forgot to mail my letter.) 
The Deathly Hallows
Have fun tonight if you're going to see the first showing and have a great weekend! As always, be kind to yourself. -monica

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