29 July 2011

Battle of the Books

Salutations most excellent readers! I don't know if you, like me, are a book whore, but I love everything about books. I find it particularly difficult to read a book that I have to read when I have books I could read of my own choosing for my own desires. That is currently my issue. A few weeks ago I got my required reading in for Richmond and I've starting leisurely reading one of the books, but now that I have a month left I really need to get a move on. In reality I only have about two or two and half weeks left for reading. I know that my last few weeks will be devoted to packing, organizing and seeing my friends and family as much as I can.
The highlighter is proof that I have been reading!
 The problem is the other day after doing, what Daryn and I think is, one of our greatest photo shoots ever I was given a look book on photography and so I just want to read it and work on my photography. (while it is getting better. It still has a long way to go!) Then yesterday I received a package from Amazon and one of my friends had purchased 2 books off of my wishlist for me. I'm beyond stoked, but yet I again I must refrain. I have some serious reading to do for school and I can't let my other books intruded. 
The contenders for my attention.
I'm very excited to read these books and I'm sure they'll be coming to London with me. Earlier this month I wrote about Brad Warner's European Tour and the two books on top are his first two books. You may be thinking, why is she so excited to have his first two books if she is already excited to see him speak...or vice verse. (something like that...)I haven't read his first two books, yet.I actually started reading his books in reverse. I read his 4th, then his 3rd and I think I'm just going to keep with that and read the 2nd then the 1st, because, well why not!  After reading his last two books I started to listen to his podcasts because I didn't have the funds to buy his other books, but now I get to read them...after my homework. Which I should be doing now. Have an incredible weekend, do good and be kind to yourselves! 

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