04 September 2011

A Brief Tour of my Flat

I made a quick video tour of my flat and my building so you all know a little bit of what my life is like so far. I'm really enjoying it so far. I can't wait to decorate it up a little better so it's less spartan in feel, but that is probably just my inner interior decorator speaking. (When I was in middle school I wanted to be an interior decorator! I even did my 4-H DPA project on it...and won first place.) I'm sure that once school has start I will be posting less often, but for this first week I'll keep you all solid and in the loop. : )


Before finishing this post I spent most of my day at the Natural History Museum, which is just a short walk down from my flat. There was plenty of traditional, but there was also a visiting exhibit called Sexual Nature and it was a frank exploration of sexuality in the animal kingdom. It was amusing and a tad awkward, but seeing as how I like awkward humor. It just made it even funnier to me. The most, um, interesting was probably the Green Porno videos that they had running around the exhibit. I included a link, but it's border line nsfw. It isn't obscene by any means, but it isn't really the thing that you want you boss or parents to catch you watching, unless they would find it funny too. Which they may! I'm off to do some reading before the first day of class tomorrow. Have a great week and hopefully by the next time I blog my loan money will have come through! woohoo! 
Be kind to yourselves ♥monica 

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