10 September 2011

Week 2 in London & 1st Week of Classes Down

I've been in London for almost 2 full weeks and I've officially finish my first week of grad school. Honestly we didn't do much the first week, since I only have each class once a week essentially spent all of last week introducing ourselves and going over syllabi. However I'm very aware of the load of reading and writing that this program has in store. I'm intimidated by the course load and many of the other girls in the program have very strong backgrounds in Art History, me? Not so much. I feel a little like Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile, except I'm a student or as Richmond calls us a "Junior Research Colleague"...fancy huh? 

I've spent this past week pinching pennies (a state of mind gained during my undergrad studies) and really learning to appreciate just how difficult it is to start all over somewhere. I have to admit that considering how difficult it could have been, I have had a pleasure cruise.

 Also, its incredible how many things we accumulate that we take for granted and also how many things we have, that we're certain that we can't live without. But when you are extricated from these possessions it's surprisingly liberating. I guess Tyler Durden or Chuck P said it best:  "The things you own end up owning you."  It has also made me particularly aware of my own taught consumer drive and has me harshly questioning my motivation behind my purchases. Try it some day. You'll be surprise and how much of you personal character you attach to stupid things and how much better you feel when you come to grips with the fact that you aren't the objects you own. Kill your ego a little today and let me know how it feels. 

Haha, I get it from my mum if you ever wanted to know
where I get my weird from.
I'm sure my mum will be thrilled to see this picture! I just couldn't help myself. I had to share it and I miss my mum and dad. They where the last people I hugged before going through security on my way to London and I haven't had a hug since. 2 weeks! I'm a big hugger so that's kinda lame, so I'm looking for a friend in England that gives good hugs.
Have an incredible weekend. If I get up to anything great I'll be sure and share it before next week starts. Be kind to yourselves. monica


  1. does england have craigslist? you should go on the relationships pages and put up an ad to the effect of: educated attractive young american female seeks companion to embrace. must have warm body temperature and ability to host. no creepers, squeezers, or endless emails.

  2. Paul, I love you. I don't think I tell you that enough. I also owe so much to you. I don't know if I would have stuck out getting into grad school if it wasn't for our agreement in Orenduff's class.

  3. I could hug stuff that you need and ship it to you. Then you could hug that stuff, and by the transitive property you'd be getting some of the best hugs you've ever had.


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