03 September 2011

Sunny Saturday

Well hello there! I'm taking a reprieve from walking around all day to drop off a bunch of photos that I took today. I spent yesterday in orientation for classes that start monday! eek! I'm kind of nervous, but  that motivates me to do really well in school. Masters Degrees are no joke and I want to do well, so here's hoping for the best! Seeing as how I don't have much to say today. I'll get on with the photographs, if you  haven't already seen them on facebook.  

Albert Memorial in Hyde Park
I didn't even know that there was this gigantic memorial in Hyde Park. See what you find when you keep your eyes open and a willing sense of adventure to wander around! 

Detail of the gates surrounding the Albert Memorial
A beautiful day in Hyde Park

I have to admit it. I got couple envy seeing everyone with boyfriends and girlfriends in paddle-boats. It's really hard not to wish you had someone close to lay down with in grass that was so soft. And even more so when you see all the couples laying together and holding hands or with there heads on each other's chests. I imagine I will be coming out here all the time and hopefully having a picnic too. There where plenty of families having picnics in Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens today. The English really seem to know how to take advantage of beautiful days like today. I could learn a bit from them.

I hope that you all have been having a great weekend and that maybe you're somewhere with a loved one in a paddle-boat or a park, or somewhere inside if that's more your thing! Take care, stay excellent and be kind to yourselves. ♥monica 

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