25 August 2011

Almost Time

4 Days

I'm in a state of disbelief. Everything is going by so quickly, or maybe it's thursdays..."I could never get the hang of thursdays." I've been packing yesterday and today and I plan to have all my major packing finished by today so I can enjoy my last few days in town with those I love the most. 

I just thought I would share this video with you. You can see the entire series here. I love these videos. There is just something so wonderful about them. The use of typography is perfect, the way the videos are filmed and edited and the music, perfection! I really just love every little thing about it. Have a wonderful day everybody and be kind to yourselves. ♥monica  

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  1. Monica,

    I'm glad I've shared some time with you. You will hold some very favorable places in my memory :) You will be missed, but I am sure we will cross paths again!

    - Danielle


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