10 August 2011

Operation Cup of Tea

19 Days 
I leave for London in 19 days and I have been following the riots not obsessively, but as a concerned world citizen and a soon to be London resident. I've honestly had a difficult finding any new stories that really seem to capture (what my outside perspective deems to be) the essence of what is going on. However, this evening the Suicide Girls Blog tweeted a link to their blog and it had a very personal take on the events of late, that I really appreciated. The link at the bottom of the image will take you to the post. For those of you concerned, the post itself is safe for work, but their pages aren't necessarily so. So if you get in trouble or get weird glances for content that is NSFW; it isn't my fault. I warned ya. 
Suicide Girls on London Looters
They talked about and are supporting Operation Cup of Tea, a quintessentially British way to protest the rioters, oh the irony! They are asking people post pictures of themselves staying in and enjoying a cup of tea. I offer my support with a picture and links to their site. : ) 

Keep Calm and Carry On London  

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  1. I like to drink tea after work. It helps keep the body healthy.


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