05 August 2011

Visa Received and Ayn

I'm so excited to tell everyone that I received my visa and UK entry clearance today. It's valid from yesterday until Dec 22, 2012. I'm thrilled and so nervous at the same time. I still in a sort of daze from it all. It just hasn't really hit me yet, but every now and then it registers and when that happens I get happy and sad. I have so many beautiful friends and family that I will be leaving in that states and Ayn won't be with me. That really bugs me out. I've gotten so attached to her and snuggling with her at night that I'm going to be really lonely with her. 
I just love her to pieces!
Steven and I where playing with her the other day and I tried to get some good pictures of her. She really is the least photogenic dog I've ever known, but she will melt your heart once she gets comfortable around you. She is SO shy and timid and because of that she barks, a lot when strangers (really anyone) comes into the house. Terribly frustrating, but she is wonderful! I got her groomed the other day so she doesn't look like Benji anymore, but really cute and dainty like a terrier. I'm hoping to get some good pictures of her before I make the big move! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and be kind to yourselves. 

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