24 August 2011

Going Away Party

5 Days

We recreated the Last Supper. I just adore this picture.

This past weekend Blair and I hosted a "Deity Symposium" for my going away party. The symposium was a smashing success! We had tons of people show up and they where all decked out. I'm glad that my friends where so willing to go along with the theme. It really did make it that much more fun! I was super please with how everything turned out. Everyone had a really great time and the food and wine was all beyond delicious! A BIG BIG thank-you to Blair for being an amazing hostess and having the party at her house, to Mike for making the best sangria ever, to Steven for helping me prepare a boat load of bruschetta and everyone that came, had a great time and tipped into the kissing booth. 
I always end up dancing in Blair's kitchen. This time I wasn't the only one!

Kisses anyone?

The full spread and the proud hostesses.
I couldn't imagine of being sent off in a more fabulous style! Now begins the last 5 days, which are only going to get more and more difficult. I'll be busy washing clothes and packing and weighing my bags and trying to find time to spend with everyone. All of the while feeling a bit under the weather. I just hope I find the time to see everyone one last time and tell them just how much I love them all. Be excellent to others and be kind to yourselves. ♥monica


  1. You are MORE than welcome, Monica! I had such an amazing time planning and executing this symposium with you!! I was honored to be such a big part of your last main event here in town! :) I am going to miss you a LOT more than I'm willing to admit.


  2. Teehee, I was there. There were some much more interesting photos than what you posted. :P


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