04 August 2011

New Hair

 Howdy folks! I hope you all are having a superb thursday. I've haven't been up to much, just a little here and there, but yesterday I got my hair done by the lovely and talented Ryshelle at Sublime. Ryshelle's been doing my hair for quite sometime and has been primarily responsible for all the awesome my hair was ever been.  

Just a sample.
We opted to go back to a natural brown, around the same color as my natural hair, just a bit richer and glossy looking. I'm very excited about my hair, but I'm still adjusting to it. It was a big jump from blonde to this chocolaty brown, but we're both very pleased with the result. I'm going to miss Ryshelle doing my hair while I'm away. She really is that good!  

new hair and new glasses, so classy!
 Tonight I'm going to be photographing Pigtoad again. I've never shot at a nightclub before, so I'm concerned about my light and all my settings. I've got a decent idea, but I don't know if it'll come out the way I want. But it's a great opportunity to get some experience shooting in a new environment, so I hope to learn a lot and get a few good shots. Take care, have a great day and as always, be kind to yourselves.
This seems excessively appropriate. From weheartit, but I don't know the original source.  

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